Imagine checking your bank account to see that your business has finally had its biggest cash injection of all time? We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to make sure you start feeling confident in making perfect lash fans, to achieve the beautiful volume lash sets. In order to start charging money that you deserve as a lash artist.

Oh, and this is totally possible for you without having to spend thousands on a lash trainings without any results. Let’s simplify in order to amplify, ok?!
Imagine waking up everyday and realizing that you are now confident in your work? We’re going to walk you step by step through the framework you need to finally feel confident in your work.

Instead of getting anxious or upset about not achieving your beautiful fans, you can put your feet up, pour yourself a nice almond milk latte (or something stronger) and proudly watch all the puzzle pieces finally falling into place.

Imagine ending your course and saying, “Wow, I could do that all over again tomorrow – no problem.” That’s the level of energy we want you to be feeling before starting to make lash fans, and during 

I know the feeling of wanting to step away from lashing because it’s just not working, and you just can get to making fans. 

Say goodbye to stomach knots – and say hello to butterflies in your tummy from making more money + impact on the world.

-- Meet Your Mentor --
I'm Janna, CEO/Founder of ThousandLashes
I am passionate about lashing and anything related to lashes extension. I'm always on the goal to develop new courses to help you on this lash journey. 
I've been a beginner lash artist and I know the struggles on starting out on this business. I am on the mission to create an avenue to put all the lash artists together to learn from one another. 
Let us be united and continuously learn from each other and be equip with the latest trends to further develop our skills. 
Are you up for the challenge? Be out there and look for new ways to make yourself a better version of yourself! 

I will show you how I create perfect fans every time using precision and skill, meaning no more guess work, or getting lucky for that perfect fan.

This course has been developed to make learning fun and easy. I will guide you step by step through the content and show you how to achieve finesse and perfection in your volume work.
Get the checklist and all your questions will be answered perfectly with the aftermath of an outstanding end result.

Additionally, if you have any questions, we always have a lash artist available on call you can ask any questions regarding this topic.

I have done the hard work for you, spending years practicing and perfecting the volume technique. 
As such I have an excellent understanding of not only the theory behind volume, but the practical application, and I have simplified all this and will show you how you too can achieve perfection in your volume work.

Who is this course suitable for?

 For beginners who have taken a classic course but have not yet taken a volume course. 

​Additionally for lash artists that have taken a volume course, but feel like they need some more information on making lash fans, or feel like they did not get enough information on how to make lash fans in their previous lash course.

​Those that want to finesse and perfect their current fanning techniques, are struggling with an existing technique or would like to explore some additional pickup methods

In this document, we will cover these topics extensively.

  • ​Sizes of Lash Fans
  • ​Material needed to practice
  • ​Different Fans for Different Looks
  • ​Square Base
  • ​Pointy Base
  • ​The Perfect Lash Fans
  • ​Narrow Fans 
  • ​How to prepare your lash fans before practice
  • ​2 Rolling Techniques
  • ​Shimmy Technique
  • ​Pinching technique
  • ​Characteristics of tweezers
  • ​Characteristics of lash extensions
  • ​Bonus Information ( working with L, M L+ curls )
  • ​Bonus Information ( working with shorter lengths 5-6-7mm)
  • ​Mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them
  • ​And a lot more.. 
  • ​A certificate at the end of the completion of the online course will be emailed to you

This is for YOU if...

  •  Despite taking multiple courses you still struggle with making lash fans .
  • ​You are not where you want to be as a lash artist and you feel like you are stuck.
  • ​This is not a full Volume course, it's main focus is making lash fans. If you want to take a full Volume lashes course from A-Z  this course is NOT for you.
  • ​You want to learn how to perfect your work, but feel so overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

This is NOT  for YOU if...

  • ​You are already an expert in volume fanning and do not want to learn additional techniques
  • ​If You expect overnight results without putting in any actual work after the course
  • ​This is not a full Volume course, The course main focus is making lash fans. If you want to take a full Volume lashes course from A-Z this course is NOT for you.
  • ​You are comfortable where you are as a lash artist right now, and are not looking to advance

Course Value: 599$

Learn all the tips and tricks of the pinching technique

Perfect your lash making skills
Want to make lash fans like these ? Get our course now

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The value of the course is 599$

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online training work?

Log into your Thousandlashes online account to access your course content, Download your student only online eyelash manual, Work your way through the easy to follow step by step online videos, starting with the class theory, before moving onto the practical videos of this lash course. Then put your new techniques into practice and submit your case studies for assessment & certification (depending on course option chosen).

How long does the course take to complete?

Thousandlashes online courses are very in-depth and include the same content (if not more due to no class time constraints) . Therefore, you can take our online eyelash courses with complete confidence that they include hours of content and you will still learn the same lash techniques that are taught in most in-person trainings. The benefit is that you will be able to watch the course over and over again for a period of 3 months.

Does the course come with an Eyelash Kit?

We offer lash kits to purchase in addition to the online course, as we appreciate some students may already have the products they need to work through their lash course. 

Does the course come with a manual?

Yes, each student can download their online eyelash course manual.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

We offer a variety of options for our online lash courses. If you decide to choose the option of online certification, then on successful completion of an examination will allow you to receive a certificate.

Will Thousandlashes trainers assist me with my online course?

We are always here to offer unlimited support to all of our online lash students, both during and after their course. Drop us an email at and one of our trainers will get back to you ASAP.

Are your online eyelash extension courses sufficient to practice as a lash artist in the USA / Canada ?

Each country and state has its own regulations however so please check with your own Countries’ governing body as to whether you need an esthetician or a cosmetologist license to work as a lash artist.

Terms and Condition:
By purchasing our online course, you agree to make sure you watch the entire course and keep a log of all your work, as you are practicing the course.

If something is not clear, you will contact us within 5 days in order to ask for guidance or clarifications. If we can’t solve your issue, and help you along your educational journey, you will be able to explain what issues you are having. You have 90 days (3 months to complete this educational journey). If you don’t take any steps to contact us and ask for clarification or help during the first week we do not take responsibility for you working through this course. You must do the steps you need in order to receive the certificate.

If you wait for longer than 5 days to contact us, the 90-day money-back guarantee is NOT applicable. 

All refunds are processed on a case by case basis, and the money-back 90-day policy is applicable when you have done the course, applied all the information, sent us your work, and worked with our educators, to help you progress, and are still unsatisfied and have not seen any progress in your lash work. We can’t take responsibility for people who take our course, listen to all the information, and decide to not apply it to their work.

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