Lash Mapping Online Course

Your Ultimate Guide on Different Lash Looks and Styling Techniques 

Time to Level Up Your Skills and Create Fabulash Sets and elevate your lash game

From lash lover to lash stylist! Jump start your lash knowledge with this in-depth course that teaches you all you need to know to apply fabulous lashes. Learn the ins-and-outs of the industry, as well as tips and techniques to start lashing right away. This course is ideal for beginner stylists or lash artists who want to tremendously improve their lashing game.

Bored of the usual lash looks and styles that you are offering your clients?

Start off your 2022 with a vision to be innovative, to be a better version of yourself as a lash artist.

Do you think you need this course?

Becoming a successful lash artist entails risk as well as consistent effort and action. You have to be willing to put in consistent work into practicing the looks and mapping we offer in this online course.
DO NOT GET THIS course if...

-You feel like you know everything there is to know about mapping.
-You have not yet done a classic course and have never done lashes on a client.
-You only like to do one type of mapping on your clients.
-You are not in a stage in your career where you want to invest in yourself.
- You feel like you should practice classic lashes before taking more advanced courses.

Now if you ARE ready to make a change 

Let me jump right in and show you why this will be a game changer for your lash artist career.

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Here's exactly what you will be getting. 

This isn't like any other mapping online course you've ever taken. WE have compiled all the lessons and lash styling tips we have used for the last 10 years with our clients. 

These are tried and proven mapping styles that are proven to work on your clients. Not only that, BUT we will also explain who the styling  will not be appropriate for. 

After this course, you should be able to look at any potential client and evaluate them based on their features, to decide which mapping will be appropriate for each client.

And It's About More Than Just Lash Styling

  • You can use the same techniques in this course to create various lash styles that would look similar to a lash strip. But not only that, you can create a new look that will be exclusive to your clients, which means they will not be able to get this look with any other lash artist. Which means that you can increase your prices and finally charge your worth.
  • ​You not only get to apply the lash extensions styles you've learn from this course, but establish a way to let clients 'feel more like themselves'.
  • And you want get more clients, who will pay you more, and will return more frequently because they will know that you have invested in yourself as a lash artist, and you understand eye anatomy, and how to give them a look that will accentuate their eyes. 
  • ​So, like I said, there's more to this game changing course, after this course you will be able to take a look at a clients face and understand how to read their facial features.

100% guarantee you'll love this online course

Here's a sneak peak of the mapping online course

  • ​How to determine what will best suit your client?
  • ​Styling: Almond Shaped Eyes
  • ​Styling: Round Shaped Eyes
  • ​Styling: Downturned Shaped Eyes
  • ​ Styling: Upturned Eyes
  • ​Styling: Straight Outer Corners
  • ​Styling: Deep Set Eyes
  • ​Styling: Bulging Eyes
  • ​Styling: Monolid Eyes
  • ​Styling: Asymmetrical Eyes
  • ​Styling: Wild Set Eyes
  • ​ Styling: Close Set Eyes
  • ​Styling: Normal Eyebrows
  • ​Styling: Close to Eyes Eyebrow
  • ​Styling: Light Complexion
  • ​Lash Mapping: Elevated Eyebrows
  • ​Lash Mapping: Low Set Eyebrows
  • ​Lash Mapping: Normal Eyebrows
  • ​Lash Mapping: Doll Eye Eyebrows
  • ​Lash Mapping: Natural Eyebrows
  • ​ Lash Mapping: Cat Eye Eyebrows
  • ​Lash Mapping: Squirrel
  • ​Mapping Mature Clients
  • ​Case Study Analysis of Clients Eyes
  • ​Procedure for Lash Mapping
  • ​Lash Mapping Bonus
  • ​How to edit your lash picture?
  • ​Pro-tips

Regular price 279$ (save 179$)


Great! You already purchased this course. Ever wonder what else do you need? Well, to be able to learn best, find a suitable space for you to watch the videos and take down notes. 

Please take the time to watch the videos, and decide if you needed another materials like lash supplies. 

Feel free to visit our website for wide array of selection suitable for all your lash needs. 

Why lash mapping is important?

Look at true image seen here and it’s so obvious why mapping is so incredibly important. On the right we did a Squirrel mapping, and it made the eye facing downwards even more then usual, additionally we used lengths 
8-15mm D curl which ended up looking really “droopy “ and made the eye look very sad.

The left eye is what the eye would have looked like with the right mapping “ the doll eye would have been idea “ in shorter lengths 7-12mm
This type of mapping rage most of the emphasis on the middle of the eye and away from the outer corners, elevating the eye.

Each lash set is unique for every client. There's no lash set fits for all clients. Lash mapping is a skills you have to master in order to achieve a look suitable for your clients. 

If you are struggling with mapping, then this lash course is for you!

To complete this course 

We wanted to assess your ability to learn in your own pace. These case studies will let us know which areas you need help the most. 

You will be providing us photographs/videos of your lash work using the learnings that you got from this mapping training. 

Try out the lash mapping that we will be discussing on this course, feel free to use mannequins and real models to practice your new learned skills. 

There's no time limit to submit your case studies, take as much as you can! Send us your work when you're ready and confident to show your lash work. 

Your case studies will be assess by the ThousandLashes' CEO and educator and when you pass the assessment, we will issue your certificate of completion. 

What do we need from you?

- 3 lash works using different lash mapping (identify which mapping you used
- clear shot/videos of your lash work in different angles 
- Do not use any editing apps to enhance your photos/videos

Send us your lash work photos through our email:

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Terms and Condition:

By purchasing our online course, you agree to make sure you watch the entire course and keep a log of all your work, as you are practicing the course.

If something is not clear, you will contact us within 5 days in order to ask for guidance or clarifications. If we can’t solve your issue, and help you along your educational journey, you will be able to explain what issues you are having. You have 90 days (3 months to complete this educational journey). If you don’t take any steps to contact us and ask for clarification or help during the first week we do not take responsibility for you working through this course. You must do the steps you need in order to receive the certificate.

If you wait for longer than 5 days to contact us, the 90-day money-back guarantee is NOT applicable. 

All refunds are processed on a case by case basis, and the money-back 90-day policy is applicable when you have done the course, applied all the information, sent us your work, and worked with our educators, to help you progress, and are still unsatisfied and have not seen any progress in your lash work. We can’t take responsibility for people who take our course, listen to all the information, and decide to not apply it to their work.

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