How to triple your income as a lash artist with our Wispy Kim K Online Course

It sounds pretty simple right?
Except it’s not, and you know it.

There’s a lot to learn about making money as a lash artist - it’s not just doing lashes and having good lash retention to get to grips with, there’s also the importance of achieving a really popular look that clients are willing to pay money  for to figure out, too! There’s Classic wispy lashes, Volume Wispy lashes, Wearability of wispy lashes, Colored Wispy lashes, L curl Wispy lashes, and so much more... right?

But don’t worry, because we’ve created JUST the thing to teach you it ALL.
Upgrade your skills and the result will be profitable. 

100% Actionable Online course
Deliver the highest quality lashes with the newest trend for your clients and WOW away the competition... This is unlike any other course that offers you some free info. This is truly transformative.. just check out what other lash artists are saying.

Are you classic individual lash trained and want to move to the next level? Give your clients a full fluffy look or strip lash spiky look they will love. Or are you Russian Volume trained and want to attend our spiked wispy lash class? This is an advanced course, recommended for seasoned lash artists, with some experience in classic and volume. 

A densely packed theory course on how to achieve the beautiful Kylie Wispy strip lashes. This course contains all the information you need to know in order to take your work with wispy lashes to an expert level.

I want to help you transform your lash artist career starting today, and it all starts with you, and your ability to apply the knowledge I am going to teach you.

My Story

I want to tell you guys my story about how I started doing lash extensions, I always loved creating new looks and experimenting . I first stumbled upon the KIM K look about 5 years ago, when a client brought her strip lashes and asked me to recreate that look. I tried, it wasn’t at all perfect, but the client absolutely loved it she then told all her friends. Since then I became obsessed with mastering this lash style. I literally couldn’t sleep at night sometimes I would think about different mappings I would create to make this look a possibility for my clients.

I also noticed whenever I would make a post about this type of look (the Kim – K look), other lash artists would message me and ask for mapping, and clients would call me and message me and bring that pic of the wispy lashes and ask for that specific look, at their next appointment.

I have also started to noticed that clients were  willing to pay much more for this exotic look, this is likely because it’s more complex and requires more skill and more training. Not every lash artist knows how to create this wispy look well.

After I perfected and worked on the wispy lashes style, I increased my prices. What followed is the clients that liked to bargain for prices stopped coming, meanwhile I gained different types of clients. These clients valued their time, but they also valued mine. They almost NEVER cancelled last minute, and generally always tip generously.  These new clients were also willing to pay the premium price of offering this exotic style that not all lash artists offer.

My new clients were able to appreciate the fact that I invested in my craft and took additional courses to learn and improve on my lashing skills.
 Very quickly I noticed how my clients changed, and how their attitude and respect towards me changed as well .
This entire process dragged on for about 2 years, and I made a lot of expensive and painful mistakes along the way.  I wanted to make a course for you guys so that I can share this exclusive knowledge with you guys. This knowledge will save you so much time, effort, and money. Sure, you can learn this style on your own, by experimenting, by trying different tactics, most of which will take you a LOT of time.
You can start applying all the principles I learned without the pain of getting your teeth kicked in. Now don't get me wrong, this course still requires WORK on your part, it will not work if you plan on just watching the information and not doing what is required to practice. In that case, this is NOT the course for you.

If anyone knows anything about Wispy lashes, I believe I do… I have developed and achieved a lot of success with doing wispy lashes. Just check out my social media accounts and you can see all the wispy lashes looks I have managed to create and book a highly paying clientele doing just that.

...and in this Online Course, I’m showing you exactly what it takes to build a brand around specializing in a trendy highly in demand lash look and generate revenue doing just that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, But will this work for me?

 My answer is it depends! Are you willing to put in the work? Are you willing to apply the knowledge I will teach you ? If yes then I 100% Guarantee that you Will see the results I am promising. We offer a 90 day guarantee because it truly takes 90 days to start seeing an insane crazy change in your work, especially if you are fairly new to being a lash artist. If you are fairly experienced, the change will be much faster, likely 3 weeks-1 month depending on how many clients you can practice on.
Why should I take action? I’m okay with the way things work right now.

I can get the same results on my own. :  You can get the similar results on your own, however it is a LOOONG and painful journey . As I mentioned previously it took me years to accumulate this knowledge and experience. I travelled the world, met with trainers worldwide, accumulated this knowledge from so many people, and perfected the technique on my own as well.  Now I’m willing to share it all with you guys. You will simply not have to make the same mistakes as I made. Some of my mistakes were pretty expensive , and frustrating. Therefore, I can save you both time and money by sharing everything I have learned, over the last few years, and you can follow my blueprint step by step, and start getting results, FAST.

This sounds too hard. 

The greatest challenges have the best rewards, if you are happy with the way things are and want to continue doing average or normal work as as a lash artist , that’s fine, and totally acceptable.  However, you can invest in yourself as a lash artist. Your clients will notice, it will change your work, and you will have a new level of confidence in yourself and your work.
If you want to improve and take your work to another level , this is the course for you

I’m too busy.

I understand however it’s better to find some time to improve your life , this will make a great impact on your salary as a lash artist. Therefore you can continue working for less money, then you deserve. OR, you can take the time to invest in yourself and start making more money with each client you see. This will ensure you have more free time to travel and build a life you deserve.

How does online training work?

Log into your Thousandlashes online account to access your course content, Download your student only online eyelash manual, Work your way through the easy to follow step by step online videos, starting with the class theory, before moving onto the practical videos of this lash course. Then put your new techniques into practice and submit your case studies for assessment & certification 

How long does the course take to complete?

Thousandlashes online courses are very in-depth and include the same content (if not more due to no class time constraints) . Therefore, you can take our online eyelash courses with complete confidence that they include hours of content and you will still learn the same lash techniques that are taught in most in-person trainings. The benefit is that you will be able to watch the course over and over again for a period of 3 months.

Does the course come with an Eyelash Kit?

We offer lash kits to purchase in addition to the online course, as we appreciate some students may already have the products they need to work through their lash course. 

Does the course come with a manual?

Yes, each student can download their online Wispy course manual.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of an examination and the work required will allow you to receive a certificate.

Will Thousandlashes trainers assist me with my online course?

We are always here to offer unlimited support to all of our online lash students, both during and after their course. Drop us an email at and one of our trainers will get back to you ASAP.

Are your online eyelash extension courses sufficient to practice as a lash artist in the USA / Canada ?

Each country and state has its own regulations however so please check with your own Countries’ governing body as to whether you need an esthetician or a cosmetologist license to work as a lash artist .

Everything That You'll Learn From This Online Wispy Course

Lesson #1: Thousand Lashes
Lesson #2: L + M curls
Lesson #3: What is NOT the Kylie look?
Lesson #4: Kylie effect with Mega volume
Lesson #5: Kylie wispy effect
Lesson #6: My first try at the Kylie effect
Lesson #7: What curl to use for the lash base?
Lesson #8: What curl to use for wisps
Lesson #9: Wispy Fan Characteristics open editor
Lesson #10: How to start
Lesson #11: What lash row should you apply the lights to
Lesson #12: Difference between the base and the wisps
Lesson #13: The mistake
Lesson #14: Kylie look with classic lashes
Lesson #15: Kylie look on thin weak lashes
Lesson #16: The Kylie effect on fine thin lashes
Lesson #17: Wisps on shorter lengths
Lesson #18: Short natural wispy effect
Lesson #19: Kylie effect with Regular Volume
Lesson #20: Mega volume specifics
Lesson #21: Why I don’t use large fans for mega volume?
Lesson #22: C + C curls
Lesson #23: C + D curls
Lesson #24: D + D curls
Lesson #25: L + M curls
Lesson #26: Different kinds of wispy fans
Lesson #27: Continued
Lesson #28: Kylie effect with cat eye
Lesson #29: Kylie lashes vs. Messy lash look
Lesson #30: Steps in working with direction
Lesson #31: Inner and outer corners for the Kylie effect
Lesson #32: How to achieve the most ideal Kylie lash effect
Lesson #33: How to isolate top lash layer in order to have good accessibility
Lesson #34: Application Wisps To Layers
Lesson #35: Wispy Lashes Mapping
Lesson #36: Lash mapping wisps to correct asymmetry
Lesson #37: How to choose color?
Lesson #38: Exclusive Lash Mapping
Lesson #39: How to make wisps?
Lesson #40: Colored continued
Lesson #41: How to isolate top lash layer in order to have good accessibility
Lesson #42: Kylie look with coloured wispies
Lesson #43: Symmetry to both eyes
Lesson #44: Wearability of wispy lashes
Lesson #45: Wispy Mapping to try
Lesson #46: Placement and Direction
Lesson #47: Fans for the base
Lesson #48: Wisps application
Lesson #49: Conclusion
Lesson #50: Thank You
Lesson #51: Online Wispy Training - Quiz
Lesson #52: Application of colored lashes
Lesson #53: Application of lash wisps
Lesson #54: Application of L curl wisps
Lesson #55: Wispy training part2

Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Online Wispy Course
It's Entirely Free ** Watch our ENTIRELY FREE Presentation on wispy lashes.

Have fun learning wherever and whenever you are.


Thanks so much for the online wispy course! My work has improved so much since doing our online course! I can't wait to do more clients in order to see how much I have improved!


Thank you so much. Yes, I definitely learned so much from your course I wouldn't be able to do a beautiful look without your course. There's so much information in the course. ThousandLashes has so much knowledge. 


Amazing course! my lash work has improved so much since I did the course! I love it, there is so much useful information in the course. High recommended. 


I never regret getting this online wispy training from Thousandlashes. I was supposed to do a 1on1 training, however, because of the pandemic, it was canceled. I searched online and saw this and inquired. I got a good mentor from Janna and she assisted me with my questions. Always available to answer my DMs. She taught me all the needed skills to achieve a wispy lash set. I am just glad I was still able to develop my skills even on lockdown. This course is highly recommended! 


It was recommended by a friend who also took the course. Janna was really helpful and never gets tired of me asking the same questions all over again. The course itself is really easy to understand. She shows sample work and mapping which by the way is really helpful. I am so lucky to get the course with a free kit to work with. 
Here’s a comparison of one of our students before she took out wispy lashes course and after. 
As you can see, her salary increased dramatically because she used the knowledge we taught her in our course, and applied it in her practice as a lash artist. 
As a result she had so many clients willingly paying her what she deserved for the beautiful work she did.
If she could do it, so can you.

   Secret #1: How to triple your income as a lash artist
We will tell you what other lash artists like you are doing to make more money.

     Secret #2: Exclusive wispy lash mapping for inner corners, these are the hardest parts to master for most lash artists. We will provide you with exclusive tips on how to achieve this perfect inner corner look with wispy lashes.

  Secret #3: What is the hottest new look clients are asking for right now !
We will show you where the lash trends are heading right now, and what looks lash clients are willing to pay for. 


Great! You already purchased this course. Ever wonder what else do you need? Well, to be able to learn best, find a suitable space for you to watch the videos and take down notes. 

Please take the time to watch the videos, and decide if you needed another materials like lash supplies. 

Feel free to visit our website for wide array of selection suitable for all your lash needs. 

To complete this course 

You will be providing us photographs/videos of your lash work using the learnings that you got from this online wispy training. 

Try out the wispy mapping that we will be discussing on this course, feel free to use mannequins and real models to practice your new learned skills. 

There's no time limit to submit your case studies, take as much as you can! Send us your work when you're ready and confident to show your lash work. 

Your case studies will be assess by the ThousandLashes' CEO and educator and when you pass the assessment, we will issue your certificate of completion. 

What do we need from you?

- 3 wispy lash works
- clear shot/videos of your lash work in different angles 
- Do not use any editing apps to enhance your photos/videos
- Check the quiz on the manual
- Check the practice homework 

Once you have completed all the homework, the practice homework send it over in one email for our educator to look over it, and send you the certificate.

Send us your lash work photos through our email:

If you have any questions before, during or after the course email us or call our customer service line, and our educator will help you.

Terms and Condition:
By purchasing our online course, you agree to make sure you watch the entire course and keep a log of all your work, as you are practicing the course.

If something is not clear, you will contact us within 5 days in order to ask for guidance or clarifications. If we can’t solve your issue, and help you along your educational journey, you will be able to explain what issues you are having. You have 90 days (3 months to complete this educational journey). If you don’t take any steps to contact us and ask for clarification or help during the first week we do not take responsibility for you working through this course. You must do the steps you need in order to receive the certificate.

If you wait for longer than 5 days to contact us, the 90-day money-back guarantee is NOT applicable. 

All refunds are processed on a case by case basis, and the money-back 90-day policy is applicable when you have done the course, applied all the information, sent us your work, and worked with our educators, to help you progress, and are still unsatisfied and have not seen any progress in your lash work. We can’t take responsibility for people who take our course, listen to all the information, and decide to not apply it to their work.

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